Commissioner Brian Robertson Talks More About Decision To Pull Issue 3 From Ballot

10/9/17 – 10:27 A.M.

Last week the Hancock County Commissioners voted to take Issue 3 off the November ballot. Commissioner Brian Robertson talked more about the decision Monday. He says the idea to pull the sales tax proposal came about when Findlay business and Hancock County agricultural interests started talking to each other…

Audio:Brian Robertson

Robertson says pulling the measure now doesn’t mean that they couldn’t put a similar measure back on the ballot once they know the extent of future flood mitigation projects.

The current quarter percent sales tax that helps pay for flood reduction efforts continues through the end of next year.

The move leaves a quarter-percent sales tax for a jail expansion and other capital improvements as the lone sales tax issue up for a vote this fall. Robertson says he believes this will help Issue 4 pass…

Audio:Brian Robertson

Robertson says even informed voters told him having two sales tax measures on the ballot was confusing.