Conservancy District Wants Stantec To Look At New Rainfall Model

8/16/17 – 5:01 A.M.

The Maumee Watershed Conservancy District wants Stantec to take another look at their flood-control plans for the Blanchard River. The Courier reports the organization unanimously voted in favor of the request Tuesday. The conservancy district wants the engineering firm to use a more modern rainfall model that shows heavier storms typically hit the southern part of the county, dumping large amounts of rain into the Eagle Creek area.

They expect to release the new rainfall model soon.

Stantec’s data shows that since the severe flood of August 2007, Findlay has seen greater and more frequent flooding than at any time since the great flood of 1913.

The conservancy is moving forward with plans to improve the Blanchard River’s flow in Findlay. They have not approved plans for dry storage basins south of the city.

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