Coronavirus Emergency Grants Awarded In Hancock County

The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation and the United Way of Hancock County have awarded grants from their emergency funds to address community needs stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

The two organizations are coordinating their response to funding requests and sharing emerging data regarding community needs.

This week, 11 grants totaling $115,574 were awarded to local nonprofits addressing emerging needs and impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Both organizations have independent funds and teams for reviewing grants,” said United Way CEO Angela DeBoskey.

“By combining the United Ways experience in emergency relief efforts with The Community Foundations focus on long-term recovery, we feel like were giving Hancock County the most unified approach possible.”

The Community Foundation awarded grants totaling $64,016 to the following;

– Hope House $10,000

– YMCA $10,000

– Habitat for Humanity $4,000

– West Ohio Food Bank $39,016

– Youth for Christ $1,000

United Way of Hancock Countys Board of Directors issued six Crisis Relief grant awards totaling $51,558 to the following;

– Christian Clearing House, $15,000 for eviction and homelessness protection

– West Ohio Food Bank, $11,508 for emergency food boxes for homebound seniors

– City Mission, $15,000 for emergency shelter and needs

– Hope House for the Homeless, $7,500 for housing services for the homeless

– Van Buren Maranatha Food Pantry, $600 for its food pantry

– The Feed-A-Child program, a partnership of the Findlay YMCA and United Way of Hancock County, has also received Crisis Donations totaling $1,950 which will go to feed children within our community.

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