Cost Of Living Index Released For Findlay’s Second Quarter Of 2017

09/21/17 – 3:56 P.M.

Findlay’s Cost of Living is 3.8 % below the national average but isn’t the lowest among cities in Ohio. That’s according to Findlay-Hancock County Alliance marketing coordinator Emily Young.

Emily Young

Young said that not every city participates in the quarterly Cost of Living Index. Findlay was ranked below Cleveland, whose Cost of Living was greater than the national average. The city was bested by Akron, Columbus, Lima, and Dayton.

Findlay ranked below the national average in the grocery items, housing, utilities, and transportation categories. Healthcare and miscellaneous goods and services will cost you more than the average across the U.S.

Housing was the lowest cost at 17.2% below the national average, followed by utilities at 13.2% below. Groceries and transportation were 3.9% and .9% below respectively. Healthcare will cost you 2.4% more than the average costs in the U.S. Miscellaneous goods and services will cost 7.9% more.