Council-At-Large Candidates Speak At First Friday Luncheon

10/06/17 – 3:43 P.M.

Republican candidates for the Council-At-Large seats spoke at a luncheon this afternoon. Tom Shindledecker said that the city should be aware of flood mitigation efforts.

Tom Shindledecker

Fellow candidate Jeff Wobser agreed that it is something the city needs to be aware of. Wobser said that he agrees with the commissioners move to pull the tax levy dedicated to flood funding. He said that while it is important, everyone should be on the same page to work together for a solution.

The candidates also agree on downtown construction. Wobser said that people might dislike the state of downtown Findlay but they should wait to see what it looks like after it’s done.

Jeff Wobser

Fellow candidate Tom Shindledecker added that the project came in at no cost to the city. The bill is being covered by Marathon and ODOT.

On a separate issue, Council-At-Large candidate Grant Russel said that the city has been working hard to save money. He said that council should strive to continue to save money when possible and stay competitive.

All three candidates are current Councilman-At-Largeon the Findlay City Council.