County Going With Third-Party Provider For Recycling Program

The Hancock County Board of Commissioners has come up with a plan for the county’s growing recycling program.

Commissioner Mike Pepple, on with WFIN’s Chris Oaks, says Litter Landing in Findlay has been seeing 300 cars a day when it was originally designed to handle 100 cars a day.  

Pepple says building a new facility would be too costly so they decided to go to a third-party provider, which will be Rumpke.



Pepple says they have 15 recycling drop-off locations in the county with Litter Landing being the 16th.

He says containers will be placed in a semi-circle in the back lot of Litter Landing and additional lighting will be installed and make the area very accessible 24/7.

Pepple says it will be a gradual transition with the county storing its existing equipment at the landfill and bringing in Rumpke containers to place at the different drop-off locations.

 “It’ll be, I think, a great addition to our recycling program,” Pepple said.