County Receives Grant Money For ‘You Belong’ Projects

Hancock County has received grant money for more than a dozen ‘You Belong’ projects in Findlay and Hancock County.

The You Belong Grant Program is a project of the Hancock County Cultural Humility and Health Equity Delegation in partnership with the Hancock Leadership Class of 2022.

Zach Thomas, Director of Wellness and Education at the Hancock County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services, says the ‘You Belong’ projects aim to create spaces of belonging to build trusting relationships with members of the community.

“Particularly members of our community who may be experiencing disparities or challenges, it’s important that we create those welcoming spaces where they feel comfortable to share and talk about what their experiences are like.”

Zach says the hope is to ultimately be able to address creating a healthy and equitable community across Findlay and Hancock County.



He says the county will use $60,300 in grant funding for 14 ‘You Belong’ projects in 2023 at organizations, community groups, schools and more to show people they do indeed belong in this community.

“We’re very excited about those projects and look forward to seeing how they advance the sense of community and belonging across Findlay and Hancock County.”

Zach says anyone interested in connecting with the Hancock County Cultural Humility and Health Equity Delegation, which is an open community collaborative group, are welcome to contact ADAMHS at 419-424-1985.