Cross Experiencing Symptoms, Awaiting Results Of COVID Test

UPDATE – Cross said on Friday that his test did come back positive, and he’ll be resting and recovering at home.


State Representative Jon Cross (R-Kenton) is isolating and awaiting the results of a COVID test.

Cross says his wife has tested positive and he likely has it also.

Cross says he’s had a light fever, body aches, fatigue and he lost his sense of smell.



Cross has been very critical of the governor’s handling of the pandemic, in particular business closures and curfews.

He tells WFIN News that his bout with COVID won’t change his stance at all.



Cross said he believes people may get confused about his debate on masks.

“I’m perfectly fine with a business, if they require a mask that’s great. If we’re adults in a room together and we’re wearing masks that’s great,” Cross said.

“It’s the principle of not having the government mandating mask-wearing. It’s the process that I was always challenging.”