Developer Wants To Buy City Parking Lot For Apartment Building Project

A developer has eyes on putting up an apartment building where the Argyle building once stood in the 500 block of South Main Street in Findlay.

To make the project work, the developer wants to buy the City of Findlay-owned parking lot off of Hardin Street directly behind the Argyle lot.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn supports the project.

“I think it would be great to have it developed and have businesses using it and residents living there.”

The mayor points out that as part of the deal with the developer the public parking spaces in the Hardin lot would be maintained, and in addition, they would be covered.

She says the project is a little smaller than a similar one that was proposed last year but never came to fruition.

The mayor says city council will decide whether they want to move forward with discussing the up-to $225,000 offer for the parking lot and has not requested any formal legislation be drafted yet.