DeWine Joins Children’s Hospitals To Appeal For Mask Mandates

Governor DeWine joined the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association in pleading for mask mandates in K-12 schools.

During a live COVID-19 update on Tuesday afternoon, DeWine said there’s been a dramatic surge in the number of children being hospitalized with coronavirus and attributed it to children returning to schools where face masks aren’t required.

He was joined by children’s healthcare experts in asking that all Ohio school districts require masks in grades K-12, and strongly urged parents to vaccinate all eligible children.

Doctors say they’re now seeing twice as many children testing positive for COVID-19.

DeWine said he would put on a statewide mask mandate for schools if it weren’t for a state law passed earlier this year that allows state lawmakers to repeal health orders.

Findlay City Schools says the wearing of a face mask is optional, but says masks are strongly recommended per CDC guidelines.

And those who haven’t been vaccinated are highly encouraged to wear a mask.