Donations In Betty White’s Memory Still Coming In To Animal Shelters

The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County says people have been generously donating in memory of Betty White all week long.

On Monday, on what would have been Betty’s 100th birthday, people donated more than $2,000 during the Betty White challenge, which encourages people to donate to animal shelters and charities or to even adopt a pet.

On Friday, The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County said donations in Betty’s name had grown to $7,300.

“The community is helping out the homeless animals in Hancock County, and I truly hope they recognize the impact they are making,” said the humane society’s Natalie Reffitt.

“Without the community, the humane society could not exist to help care for the pets in need.”

Natalie says they’ve also received blankets, dog and cat toys, peanut butter, bleach, paper towels, and snacks for the pets.



“Betty White continues to leave the world a better place for animals,” Natalie added.

Click here to see what animals the shelter currently has up for adoption. That’s Bentley pictured above and Kosmic below.