Dr. Says She Needs Ohioans To Continue Wearing A Mask

As the DeWine administration begins laying the groundwork to return Ohio to some sense of normalcy, health officials say something that will persist for some time is the wearing of masks.

While there’s no state order mandating you wear one, leaders are strongly suggesting you do because coronavirus isn’t just going away and it will be a year or longer before there’s a vaccine.

“Do not underestimate donning your mask,” said Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton.

“I still very much need you to keep doing this, and doing it better than ever.”

The doctor says as we slowly open up the state and return to activities that will increase the possibility of spreading infection so we need to embed in us safety practices like wearing a face mask in public for the foreseeable future.

Governor DeWine has said he plans to begin the process of reopening the state on May 1st.

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