Eclipse Will Make Big Economic Impact On Ohio

(WTOL-11) – The total solar eclipse is coming up on April 8th and many in Ohio are looking forward to the economic impact that all of the visitors to the state will make.

We know a lot of people will be headed to or through our area to get a look at history happening right before their eyes.

Added people means added money to our local and state economy.

That’s something Ohio leaders, such as Governor DeWine, are aware of and hopeful about.

“What we hear from other states where this has occurred in the past is that it’s a lot of people, and what we do know is that a lot of the hotels are booked up, so we know people are coming.”

The Solar Eclipse Task Force, which is a collaboration of many local entities, has created a website with information about the eclipse.

And, Visit Findlay has a lot of great information on their website as well.