ECOT Closure Impacts Around 24 Hancock County Area Students

1/22/18 – 5:20 A.M.

The closure of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or ECOT, has affected around 24 kids in Hancock County. ECOT was an online charter school that kids could attend as an alternative to the typical classroom setting. The Courier reports around two dozen students from Hancock County attended the school for at least part of the year.

Findlay had the most students enrolled, with around 17 “full-time equivalent” students. Arlington, Cory-Rawson, McComb, and Riverdale also had students in their districts enrolled in the program.

Reports from January 12 shows around 247 students in the Findlay City School district attend a charter school. The most popular selection is Findlay Digital Academy.

ECOT has been running out of money amid a legal dispute with the state. Officials say the charter school didn’t sufficiently document student participation to justify all its funding.

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