Election Results: Shake Up On Bluffton Village Council

11/8/17 – 7:19 A.M.

Three former Bluffton Village Council members can drop the word “former” from their titles. Voters in the village elected Mitchell Kingsley, Jerry Cupples, and David Steiner Tuesday. Incumbent Phill Talavinia also won re-election.

The results upended the current make up of the council. Incumbents Sean Burrell, Ralph Miller, and Roger Warren lost their reelection bids. Challengers Tony Pinks, Benjamin Stahl, and Deborah Weirauch also came up short in their bid to claim four open council seats.

The Courier reports Kingsley, Cupples, and Steiner were critical of Bluffton’s current administration. They cited a higher water surcharge as an example of poor leadership.

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