FCS Holds Training On Active Shooter Protection System

Findlay City Schools staff on Friday received training on the SafeDefend active shooter protection system that was recently installed in school district buildings.

Interim Superintendent Krista Crates-Miller says the system will help keep students and staff safer during an emergency situation such as an active shooter by providing teachers, staff and emergency responders with instant information.

“SafeDefend will provide instant texts to say where the threat is, what exits to avoid, and then you can make a decision based on your location whether you run, you hide or fight.”



She says all rooms now have a SafeDefend box in them that’s equipped with items that help defend against a threat and items that help treat injured individuals.

The moment the system is activated notifications also go to first responders in Findlay with the exact location of the activated device so they can respond immediately.

“We are absolutely more prepared, and each day we’re going to become more and more prepared as we learn and grow and improve our process,” Krista said.

“This is not an era of being reactive and hoping it doesn’t happen, this is an era in Findlay City Schools where we’re taking every precaution so we’re safer the next day than we were the day before.”

She said training involving students will soon be held and the system will be fully up and running shortly.