FCS Receives $100K For Active Shooter Protection System

Findlay City Schools has announced that The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees awarded the district a $100,000 grant for implementation of the SafeDefend active shooter protection system.

The Findlay City School Board approved the purchase and installation of the SafeDefend system at the August Board of Education meeting.

“The Community Foundation is focused on youth to ensure there are permanent, endowed funds to support them. As part of our commitment to young people in Hancock County, the Foundation is proud to award this grant to keep them as safe as possible in our schools,” said Brian Treece, President & CEO of The Community Foundation.

“Our vision is a lasting community impact. Supporting the district in creating a safe learning environment will go a long way in helping us achieve it.”

The SafeDefend system prepares for, notifies of, and protects in the event of, an active shooter situation.

SafeDefend trains staff and equips each classroom and common space with a safety supply box and biometric activation device.



School Board President Matt Cooper says, when activated, SafeDefend sends an instant alert (text, email or voice) to a nationwide monitoring company, select school personnel and all first responders with the exact location of the activated device.

An announcement is also made over the school’s public address system.

“We’re thrilled and grateful to The Community Foundation for supporting this safety initiative,” said Krista Crates-Miller, Interim Superintendent of Findlay City Schools.

“The safety of our staff and students are our top priority.”

SafeDefend has been installed in over 300 schools in nine states, with more than 20,000 teachers and staff for crisis management and active shooter response.

Findlay will be the first school district in Ohio to implement the system.

“The Community Foundation is proud to support this project and we hope other organizations and individuals will join us in this effort,” said Treece.

Findlay High School recently had a hoax call placed to police about an active shooter in the school, and you can read more about that by clicking here.