Feds Tell States To Phase Out Humorous, Quirky Messages On Signs

(ONN) – Humorous and quirky messages on electronic signs will be disappearing from highways across the country.

The Federal Highway Administration has given states two years to make changes outlined in its new manual released last month.

The rules spell out how signs and other traffic control devices are regulated.

Administration officials say electronic signs with obscure meanings, references to pop culture or those intended to be funny will be banned in 2026 because they can be misunderstood or distracting.

Ohio is one of the states where light-hearted messages with a serious intent are sometimes displayed along interstates.

Some of the messages seen on highway signs in Ohio over the last few years include; ‘You’re not a Pumpkin – Don’t Drive Smashed’, ‘Protect Your Buns, Buckle Up Ohio, ‘Son of a Nutcracker, Watch your speed,’ and ‘Life is Fra-Gee-Lay, Slow Down.’