FFD Pays Their Respects During Fire Chief’s Funeral Procession

The Findlay Fire Department paid their respects as the funeral procession for John Hassan, the Fire Chief for Mount Cory for many years, went by Fire Station 1 on Friday.

The department put up a memorial flag on a ladder truck over South Main Street that the funeral procession drove underneath.

The procession then turned onto Lima Avenue and proceeded to a cemetery in Mount Cory.

Hassan was also a past president of the Hancock County Firefighters Association.

Johns son, Tim, was a Captain for Findlay fire and retired a few years ago after more than three decades of service.

“Certainly in their family there’s a lot of service in representing the county and city on fire departments,” said Findlay Battalion Chief Matt Traver.

Hassan was 84-years-old.

Read his full obituary here and see video of the tribute below.