FHS Graduating Class Awarded $5.2 Million In Scholarships

Findlay High School says more than $5 million in scholarships has been awarded to the 2022 graduating class so far.

The scholarships come from colleges, universities, the Community Foundation, local donors and others.

Findlay High School head principal Ryan Imke says they had 124 different students that received awards this year, and 22 of those students graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA.



As Imke mentioned in the audio above, the school is very appreciative of the Findlay-Hancock Community Foundation and the many local people who support them with scholarship donations.

Imke highlighted Mary Ellen Biery Cole and Ralph D. Cole, who left a significant contribution to support students that has been ongoing for years.

He says their Valedictorian each year receives an $11,000 scholarship to support their college endeavors while the Salutatorian receives a $5,500 scholarship.

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