Findlay Adds Up Flood Recovery Costs

9/6/17 – 5:08 A.M.

Findlay continues to add up the costs of the most recent round of flooding. The Courier reports the city spent $77,000 cleaning up after the flood. City Auditor Jim Staschiak presented his numbers during Tuesday’s city council meeting. He said most of that money went to fees at the county landfill. City crews collected debris at the curb and took it to the landfill at no cost.

Mayor Lydia Mihalik says the city also spent more than $65,000 on overtime costs. The overtime costs included extra hours for police, firefighters, public works crew members, and employees in the engineering department. Mihalik says when the city finalizes the number she’ll approach the county commissioners for possible reimbursement of some of the city’s expenses. The county offered to reimburse villages and townships out of the flood fund following the July flood.

Mihalik also estimated the cost to residents and business owners was “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” She added she would like to see a more standardized system for evaluating flood damage for private property owners developed in the future.

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