Findlay Administration To Present Budget To City Council

The City of Findlay administration will be presenting their 2022 budget to city council on Wednesday.

The meeting will begin at 4 p.m. in city council chambers and will also be streamed online.

You can view the entire budget on the city of Findlay website.

Mayor Christina Muryn says as the world was turned upside down over the past two years she’s proud of the efforts of the City of Findlay team to ensure that the city stayed healthy and focused on the work to which they are dedicated.

She says, through careful management of taxpayer dollars, department operations are projected to come in about $1.76 million under the original budget.

She also said that the city’s tax revenue came in stronger than anticipated at $29.3 million, which is $7.7 million above the 2021 revenue estimated and $3.1 million higher than revenues received pre-pandemic in 2019.

The mayor says, with careful expense management and revenues coming in stronger than anticipated, she expects that in 2021 about $3 million will be added to the city’s general fund unappropriated balance.

She said that positions the city well to mitigate future changes to revenues while continuing to provide the level of service the city’s residents expect.

The city’s primary source of revenue comes from the community’s 1 percent income tax, one of the lowest in the state.