Findlay Airport Director Moving On To Other Pursuits In Aviation

Matt McVicker will be stepping down as director of the Findlay Airport.

His resignation will be effective September 30th, 2021.

McVicker started with the City of Findlay on May 1st, 2014.

Mayor Christina Muryn said, during his tenure as director of the Findlay Airport, McVicker planned and executed an Airport Capital Improvement Program that invested more than 4 million dollars into the facility in way of infrastructure improvements and capital equipment.

“I have greatly enjoyed my time working with Matt. He has a contagious passion for aviation, business development, and marketing. He has many talents, and though I am going to miss having him as part of our team I know that he is going to serve his family and community well,” the mayor said.

The mayor says McVicker actively represented Findlay on the state level while serving on the Board of Directors of Ohio Aviation Association, an advocacy group for the sustainability of the Ohio Airport System.

McVicker prioritized public engagement via the Findlay Airport by creating and managing five free events for the community, with the sixth event planned for Sunday, September 5th, 2021.

McVicker will be moving on to other pursuits within the aviation industry, and he and his family will remain Findlay residents for the foreseeable future, where he plans to continue volunteering for the airport’s Aviation Exploring Chapter and future airport events.

“I am excited for this next chapter for me and my family. I have loved my time with the City of Findlay and all that we have accomplished. I know that as I turn my focus to my family, personal business passions, and various opportunities that I will also continue to be a strong advocate for the Findlay Airport and all that the Findlay community has to offer,” said McVicker.