Findlay Business Leaders Learn More About Lake Erie Algae Problem

7/17/18 – 5:08 A.M.

Last week Governor John Kasich issued an executive order that could lead to increased fertilizer regulations to deal with toxic algae in Lake Erie. The move didn’t sit well with area farmers, who say they are unfairly targeted by the measure. State Senate Majority Leader Randy Gardner says help is on the way for farmers though.

Speaking to the Findlay Rotary Club, Gardner said Kasich has signed a bill that helps farmers afford ways to reduce runoff. Gardner sponsored the bill, which also sets aside money for more research into the cause of the algae problem.

OSU Extension Educator Ed Lentz tells the Courier that research is key. He and area farmers believe Toledo and Detroit should take more responsibility for the problem. They say the sewage from the cities provides the phosphorus for algae growth.

Gardner and Lentz believe more research could better pinpoint the source of phosphorous.

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