Findlay Church Holds Palm Branch Parade

They couldn’t hold their normal Palm Sunday worship so St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Findlay held a palm branch parade.

Pastor Dan Metzger says people were given a palm branch and then drove by Blanchard Valley Hospital and the Hancock County Courthouse to pray for the healthcare workers, first responders and civic leaders who are helping us through the coronavirus crisis and to pray for the sick and vulnerable.

“We had a great response, not just from our church but from other people in the community who came out to be a part of it.”

He says they also held a Palm Walk and people drew palm branches on the sidewalk and placed them in their windows.

The pastor says it was nice to see and say hello to people they haven’t seen for a while even if it was from a distance.

He says on Sunday they will be holding a drive-in Easter Sunday service at Emory Adams Park.