Findlay Churches Hold Drive-In Easter Services

Calvary Baptist Church in Findlay, like other churches, was looking for a way to still have an Easter Sunday service but also keep people safe from the coronavirus.

Pastor Gordon Dickson said the idea of a drive-in service really took off after someone mentioned it a while back.

“So our guys just jumped on the idea – one guy said I’ll get an FM transmitter – everyone worked together and we pulled it off and had a blast.”

So on Sunday people pulled into the parking lot and were able to hear the service on their car radio as it was delivered from a platform.

The pastor said the turnout was great and they had even more people listening online.

“The most unusual Easter Sunday anyone can remember, but wow what a great time we had.”

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Findlay was among other churches that conducted a drive-in Easter Sunday service.

Their service was held at Emory Adams Park.

First Lutheran Church in Findlay held a ringing of the Easter Chimes that some observed from the parking lot.

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