Findlay City Council-At-Large Candidates Met For A Public Forum

04/16/19 – 9:05 P.M.

The Republican candidates for the 3 Findlay City Council-at-Large seats met during a forum Tuesday. One of the topics discussed was managing the budget and deficit spending. Current Councilman-at-Large Grant Russel said that the city doesn’t spend money it doesn’t need to.

Newcomer Matthias Leguire said that the city should run the budget like you would at home.

Candidates also got to talk about apprehension that comes from residents when there is a new project. Current Councilmen Jeff Wobser explained that he thinks that apprehension forces good projects.

Fellow councilmen Tom Shindledecker said that the apprehension from residents is natural and should be talked about.

The four candidates also talked about downtown parking, flood mitigation, and council rules and regulations, just to name a few. You can catch the full forum below to hear everything the candidates had to say.