Findlay City Council Votes To Help Pay For One Energy Piping Project

09/06/17 – 12 A.M.

Findlay City Council decided to move forward with helping to pay for a pipeline expansion with One Energy. CEO Jereme Kent said that this project will help save the city money.

Jereme Kent

One Energy is extending water and sewage pipes to their main offices. The company offered to extend larger pipes so that other buildings can build off the pipe in the area. Kent said that this can help with economic development.

Jereme Kent

The company will pay for all of the labor and materials and council will pay for the cost difference of putting in larger piping. This will cost the city over $450,000 but Kent said that it would cost the city more if they waited to do it on their own.

One Energy only needed 8 inch pipes but is putting in 12 inch pipes so that others can build off of it. Councilwoman Holly Frische and Councilman Jeff Wobser voted against the deal.