Findlay City Employees Recognized For Years Of Service

The City of Findlay honored 107 employees at a luncheon held on December 6th, 2022, for their years of service with the City for years ending 2021 and 2022. The following individuals were recognized:

5 Years: Erik Adkins, Zoning Dept.; Emily Butler, Municipal Court; Ryan Cates, Water Distribution; Clay Cooper, Fire Dept.; Jeff Corbin, Engineering Dept.; Peyton Correll, Municipal Court; Brandon Craft, Fire Dept.; Deziree Crawford, Municipal Court; Charles Curley, Computer Services; Melanie Donaldson, City Income Tax; Ian Edinger, Police Dept.; Marshall Finelli, Law Director’s Office; Joe Francis, Water Distribution; Cameron Freed, Water Distribution; Tim Fritz, Fire Dept.; Steve Girdler, Street Dept.; Joe Hoover, City Income Tax; Tammy Kirkpatrick, Water/Sewer Billing; Dillon Kliesch, Police Dept.; Shawn Martien, Fire Dept.; Jon Morter, Fire Dept.; Mat Otto, Water Treatment Plant; Jason Phillips, Water Treatment Plant; Kyle Plumley, Police Dept.; Nick Price, Fire Dept.; Seth Rosselit, Water Pollution Control Center; Brian Rutter, Police Dept.; Ray Stelmaszak, Water Treatment Plant; Brenda Stimmel, Police Dept.; Ben Stoner, Police Dept.; Kevin Stozich, Fire Dept.; Savannah Swanson, Water Pollution Control Center; Jedidiah Walker, Police Dept.; Isaac Williams, Police Dept.

10 Years: Judge Stephanie Bishop, Municipal Court; Heather Bolen, Municipal Court; Levi Butler, Street Dept.; Brooks Deidrick, Police Dept.; Candace Griffith, Municipal Court; Morgan Huber, Municipal Court; Matt Karl, Water Treatment Plant; Jennifer Niederkohr, Water Treatment Plant; Matt Paugh, Police Dept.; Jason Rayle, Traffic Lights; Tamara Warrington, Municipal Court; Jonathan Wilkins, Findlay Airport; Randy Zacharias, Water Treatment Plant

15 Years: AJ Copus, Street Dept.; Shawn Doe, Municipal Court; Raeanna Drake, Water/Sewer Billing; Kyle Hendren, Police Dept.; Ryan Lease, Fire Dept.; Adam Lutz, Fire Dept.; Cari Price, Police Dispatch; Jessica Rayle, Police Dispatch; Robin Schey, Street Dept.; Brent Vaughan, Sewer Maintenance; Tyler Waldbauer, Police Dept.; Derek Welch, Fire Dept.

20 Years: Raul Amesquita, Water Pollution Control; Brian Andrews, Police Dept.; Brad Bash, Municipal Court; Rich Cap, Supply Reservoir; Dave Claflin, Municipal Court; Don Dawson, Police Dept.; Matt Eier, Police Dept.; George Elston, Storm Water Maintenance; Jerry Greer, Fire Dept.; Dave Hocanson, Police Dept.; Ann Houpt, Water/Sewer Billing; Betty Jones, Water Distribution; Kathy Launder, Mayor’s Office; Doug Marshall, Police Dept.; Rick Parker, Water Treatment Plant; Huck Roesch, Water Pollution Control; Chris Scherger, Parks Maintenance; Kevin Shenise, Fire Dept.; Joe Smith, Police Dept.; Kevin Spieker, Police Dept.; Elliott Tyzzer, Street Dept.; Rich Warner, Police Dept.; Eric Wilkins, Fire Dept.

25 Years: Jason Abbott, Fire Dept.; Jim Atchison, Fire Dept.; Amy Baird, Auditor’s Office; Ed Bickford, Findlay Airport; Beth Crusa, Police Dispatch; Dave Honse, Street Dept.; Chris Huber, Police Dept.; Andy Kunst, Fire Dept.; Garret Lafferty, Fire Dept.; Kurt Necker, Police Dept.; Mark Randolph, Water/Sewer Billing; Chief Robert Ring, Police Dept.; Barbara Rodrigues, Cemetery Dept.; Alan Rutherford, Findlay Airport; John Schimmoeller, Police Dept.; Troy Stoner, Fire Dept.; Todd Ward, Water Treatment Plant

30 Years: Bob Courtney, Sewer Maintenance; Brad Eblen, Water Treatment Plant; Kenny Paul, Water Distribution; Ken Thomas, Fire Dept.; Matt Traver, Fire Dept.

35 Years: Cheryl Horne, Police Dept.

40 Years: Dave Beach, Water Pollution Control Center

45 Years: Tom Davis, Police Dept.