Findlay City Schools Holding District-Wide Emergency Drill

Findlay City Schools will be conducting a district-wide emergency drill.

The drill is planned for Wednesday, December 15th.

Superintendent Troy Roth says staff and students will be instructed on how to respond to a lockdown.

“Our hope is that we will never have to use the skills learned in a practice drill; however, it is important to conduct periodic safety drills so that we are all prepared for any emergency circumstance,” Roth said.



Troy says the emergency drill is being planned in consultation with the Findlay Police Department and all local emergency personnel services.

In the event of a true emergency, the district would use all of the communication resources available, including the Remind app, district website, social media, final forms, and local media to alert the public on the steps that the district would be following.

People can report any safety issues within Findlay City Schools by clicking here.