Findlay City Schools Superintendent Addresses School Violence

02/27/18 – 5:42 P.M.

The debate on how to handle school violence continues and Findlay City Schools superintendent chimed in on WFIN. Ed Kurt explained that he doesn’t think arming teachers is the right path. Instead, he said there should be more focus on school resource officers.

Ed Kurt

He said that resource officers are already trained. Findlay City Schools only has one resource officer to handle all of the schools and students in the district.

Kurt said that there also needs to be communication about students being bullied. He explained that they can help the student before the issue escalates.

Ed Kurt

FCS has Trauma-Informed Care available to students to address these exact kinds of problems. Kurt explained that students are expected to talk about any issues they see and be leaders.

Kurt added that he is fed up with school threats across the nation and in the area.

Ed Kurt

Kurt said that kids need to learn there are consequences to their actions when they issue a threat. Many students across the state have been charged with felonies for issuing a threat.