Findlay Council Getting Pay Raise After Lengthy Debate

12/20/17 – 3:54 A.M.

The ordinance to give Findlay City Council a pay raise was met with some controversy during their Tuesday meeting. Councilmen Jeff Wobser and Grant Russel opposed the ordinance. Russel explained that it goes against council rules.

Grant Russel

Wobser said that he didnt think it was right to vote for a pay raise after the election had confirmed who will be on council.

The rest of council disagreed. Councilwoman Holly Frische said that council has the support of the community.

Holly Frische

Councilman Tom Kline added that being on council is a part-time job but a full time commitment.

Council voted in favor of the ordinance. The pay raise will increase the salary of council members to over $7,220 and the treasurers to $9,010.