Findlay Creating Combined Service-Safety Director Position

The City of Findlay is combining the Director of Public Safety and Director of Public Service positions into one position.

The city says Director of Public Safety Paul Schmelzer is leaving to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

And current Director of Public Service/Acting City Engineer Brian Thomas will refocus his attention solely to the city’s engineering department effective August 10th.

Mayor Christina Muryn says Schmelzer will continue to serve as Director of Public Safety and she will take on the responsibilities of Acting Director of Public Service until a new Service-Safety Director is appointed, which is anticipated to happen by the end of 2020.

“Mr. Schmelzer has been a great asset to our community.” Muryn Said.

“I am eternally grateful that he has created a culture in the City of Findlay unlike any other community. His private sector experience, ability to solve problems, and love for our community has shown through his years of service to the Findlay team and community at large. He is going to be very difficult to replace, but I know he has put us in a position to thrive through the culture he built while here.”

The mayor says, during his time with the City of Findlay, Schmelzer helped transform the City of Findlay operations.

Some key accomplishments include the establishment of a strategic planning process, including a 5-year Capital Budget, and financial stability taking the citys budget from a poor position to a current General Fund Balance of over $13 Million.

The Service-Safety Director position will be posted soon to the City of Findlay’s website.

People interested in the position are encouraged to visit the city’s website or contact Director of Human Resources Don Essex at 419-424-7137 or [email protected].