Findlay Digital Academy Earns High Marks

10/9/17 – 5:11 A.M.

The Findlay Digital Academy scored high marks on the recent report card released by the Ohio Department of Education. The Courier reports the academy is one of eight dropout recovery schools to earn an “exceeds standards” rating. The academy is an online school focused on dropout prevention and recovery.

51 out of 86 dropout recovery schools in Ohio met expectations. Another 27 did not.

Academy Superintendent Rosemary Rooker tells the newspaper “We’re very, very, very proud of this.” She added, “Our kids are graduating. They’re making it through.”

While the school is a dropout recovery school, it also helps get kids through school faster. If a student finishes the first semester of ninth-grade English in October, they don’t have to wait until January to start the second semester.

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