Findlay Doing Well With Investments, Capital Improvements, And Cash Reserves

02/01/19 – 5:44 P.M.

Local Republicans got an update on city projects during the First Friday Republican Luncheon. Findlay Safety Director Paul Schmelzer said that city finances are good and they’ve had some great investments. He said one of the investments was in the dark fiber loop.

Schmelzer said that the city invested $500,000 into the loop but will save $300,000/year on increased data fees.

Schmelzer added that he had to give the same presentation in 2012, but things were not nearly as good. He explained that back then the city couldn’t pass a budget, they were talking about layoffs and even had severely depleted health insurance and cash reserves. He said that he was happy to do it again with good news about money being saved back and investments helping the city grow.