Findlay Fire Department Assistant Chief Recovering From Cancer

(From Findlay Firefighters Local 381)

We have admittedly not spoken on this topic nearly enough, but we feel today is a great day to talk about a special person on our Department.

Assistant Chief Brian Sanders was diagnosed with cancer some time ago and, in typical Chief Sanders way thinking only of others, asked us to think of him but not worry because “if there was someone set up perfectly to battle this disease” it was him.

During his treatment, Chief Sanders has been instrumental in our training program, ensuring our compliance with training requirements for both fire and EMS as well as his other duties. He has worked tirelessly on the finishing touches on our new STRICT Center, spending many long days completing construction projects to ensure our training center will be truly world class, often by himself. And has done all of this without so much as a peep of a complaint about his situation.

Local 381 would like to congratulate Chief Sanders on his triumphant return from Ohio State for his final surgery which has rendered him “Cancer FREE”! While there is a relatively long road to recovery from this surgery, we are thrilled to welcome Chief back home to recover in the comfort of his home and family.

All the love, from your Brothers and Sister of Local 381. Congratulations Chief!!