Findlay Fire Department Hires Four Firefighters

Monday was the first day on the job for Jacob Rayle, Travis Flint, Derek Ricker and Eric Depinet.

Rayle previously worked for the Findlay water department and lives in Findlay. Flint comes to Findlay from the Defiance Fire Department. Ricker is from Putnam County. And Depinet was previously with the Bascom Fire Department.

“We’re excited to get these four guys on board,” said Fire Chief Josh Eberle.

“We’ve had a lot of retirements in the past four years and our department is getting progressively younger.”



The chief says the younger guys in the department have really been stepping up and filling some leadership roles that were vacated by older guys who retired, and he says the existing senior firefighters are stepping up and supporting the younger guys.

“I’m just really happy where our department is right now and the direction we’re headed.”

The chief says the four new hires will fill two existing vacancies and two anticipated retirements in the first half of this year.