Findlay Girl Making Face Masks For Essential Workers

A Findlay youngster is putting her sewing talents to good use during the pandemic by making face masks for family and friends.

10-year-old Heather Betts has been sewing for about two years now and got a sewing machine last Christmas.

“Mostly I’ve been making things like pillows and pillowcases for family members,” Heather told WFIN News.

But after the pandemic struck and health officials started strongly urging people to wear a face mask she and her mom had an idea.

“My mom and I decided that we were going to do some research and make some masks.”

Heather’s mom, Lesley, says Heather has made about ten face masks so far for family and friends.

“We’ve just been giving them out to anybody who wants one so when people at work say they want one she starts working on a mask for them too,” Lesley said.

Lesley has three daughters. She and one of her daughters work in healthcare while her other daughter works at a pizza shop, and Dad works for the City of Findlay.

Lesley said she’s very proud of Heather and Heather said it feels good to know that she’s helping keep people safe during the pandemic.