Findlay-Hancock County Public Library Freshening Things Up

The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library will be undergoing some changes to freshen things up.

Library Director Sarah Clevidence says one of the big changes is that they’ll be moving the circulation desk back further to cut down on congestion when people enter and exit the main level.

“I think it’ll be very exciting, you’ll walk in, it won’t be so crowded and congested right when you enter the main level, the staff will be able to see you and greet you, you’ll see this welcome window and some nice color on the walls and hopefully you’ll feel like the library is an inviting and exciting place to visit.”


Sarah said they’ve received feedback from people about how beige the library is and that adding some color to the walls would go a long way to freshening things up.

She says they’ll also be adding a ‘welcome window’ that will welcome people to the library in all the languages spoken in the community.

Sarah says some of the upgrades are being funded by a grant through the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation.

She says the library will remain open for much of the work and she appreciates everyone’s patience.

The pictures above and below are before the refresh got underway as Sarah showed us around.