Findlay House Heavily Damaged In Fire

A house on Orchard Lane in Findlay sustained significant damage in a fire on Wednesday afternoon.

Firefighters responded to 128 Orchard Lane at around 12:30 to find heavy smoke coming from the attic of the house.

“They started an interior attack and made their way to the attic and fought the fire from the attic for a period of time,” Assistant Chief Brian Sanders told WFIN on the scene.

He says the fire drove the firefighters from the attic and they fought it from outside for a few minutes but they were then able to get back into the attic and extinguished the fire.

He says it took about 30 minutes and a total of 15 firefighters to put out the fire.

The fire left a big hole in the roof and caused smoke damage throughout.

Sanders says the fire likely started in the attic and the cause is under investigation.

No one was injured in the fire.

Sanders says a passerby stopped and told a woman in the house that her house was on fire and she was able to get to safety.

“She had no idea because the interior of the house was completely clear at that point.”