Findlay Mall Sold To Investment Group

The Findlay Mall has been sold to a retail investment group from New York state that converts aging malls into multipurpose centers that include entertainment, shopping and dining components.

Tim Mayle, director of Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development spoke with the new mall owners and says they share the same thoughts on the mall’s future.



Mayle says the new mall owners, Kohan Retail Investment Group, take struggling malls and repurpose the vacant spaces with non-traditional tenants.

He says Kohan’s plans for the mall could include everything from a restaurant component, a call center, to entertainment like laser tag and even drone racing.

He says a residential component is even a possibility.

Kohan’s website says they see the future of aging malls as a community setting where entertainment, shopping, and food come together.

Kohan purchased the mall from J.J. Gumberg, of Pittsburgh who had managed the mall since the mid 80s.