Findlay Mayor “Not Opposed To” Police Body Cameras

Some of the people at the recent protests in Findlay over racial injustice say having Findlay police wear body cameras would be a good step forward.

We asked Mayor Christina Muryn about body cameras, and she said that’s something they consider on a regular basis and are not opposed to.

However, she said the cost of the technology and the ongoing data storage is quite expensive and, as things stand now, that cost is not justified.

“We don’t have many complaints, we don’t many issues.”

She says a lot of the incidents that make headlines across the country can primarily be avoided with the proper training.

“We do a lot of training on de-escalation and the proper procedure for physical altercations.”

The mayor said she feels like the measures they are taking and the training their officers are undergoing is more beneficial than being able to capture what’s occurring on a body camera.