Findlay Mayor Participates In Mayor’s Cup Skills Competition

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn participated in the Mayor’s Cup Skills Competition against 12 fellow mayors from northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

The challenge consisted of four events: a passing challenge, a catching challenge, a punting challenge and an obstacle course.

Mayor Muryn said she had a fun time competing and came in 5th place.

“I enjoyed an afternoon of football, I know it is hard to believe I was not a football player growing up but I was able to show off some of my skills and not embarrass myself so I consider it a win.”

The Mayor’s Cup was one of several events leading up to the XLII Italian Bowl on July 1. The Italian Bowl features the top two teams in the Italian Football League (playing American-style football), facing off on US soil for the first time at the University of Toledo Glass Bowl Stadium. The XLII Italian Bowl will be a key fixture of Toledo, Ohio’s Fourth of July weekend festivities this year.

The Mayor’s Cup competition allowed Ohio and Michigan mayors to show their hometown pride by cheering on local elected officials as they punt, kick, and pass their way to victory in Toledo.

The top five were as follow:

Oregon Mayor Mike Seferian (1st), Tontagony Mayor Matthew Shanahan (2nd), Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz (3rd), Rossford Mayor Neil MacKinnon III (4th), Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn (5th).