Findlay Mayor To Speak At Policy Summit

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn will be speaking on a panel at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s 16th Annual Policy Summit on June 21-23.

The Summit, themed Communities Thriving in a Changing Economy, will focus on timely topics that affect low- to moderate-income individuals and underserved communities, research and best practices related to workforce and economic development, small businesses, and other topics key to racial and economic inclusion. Participants will learn how to design and implement strategies for impact and build new and strengthen existing relationships.



Mayor Muryn will be on the Plenary Session Panel, “Officially Thriving: How Three Mayors are Prioritizing Inclusion and Ensuring Access for All”. Muryn will be joined by Cleveland, Ohio, Mayor Justin Bibb and Erie, Pennsylvania, Mayor Joseph Schember to discuss how they lead their communities through the changing economy, ensure all residents are engaged, and build communities that provide access to quality jobs and housing, entrepreneurial opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and so much more.

“I am excited to share a bit about what the City of Findlay is doing to ensure a strong and agile economy that focuses on all of our residents and creates opportunity for a thriving community and therefore thriving lives. These are interesting times and Mayors must pay close attention to the international, national, state and local economy as they make decisions. As the Mayor of Findlay, I definitely value my background in economics and know that it provides a great lens for me to look through as I lead the City of Findlay,” said Mayor Muryn.

“Each of the panelists has a very different community and different approach. Having each of us share our viewpoint and how we serve our communities will be very beneficial to the attendees.”

To learn more about the Policy Summit click here.  

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