Findlay Police Department Testing Out Body Cameras

The Findlay Police Department has been having some of its officers testing out body cameras to see which company they would like to go with if they ultimately decide to implement them.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn says body cameras are a useful tool to build trust with the community and to show the work that officers do on a daily basis.

The mayor says the one concern she has with implementing body cameras is the cost, some of which would be covered by a grant from the state.



As you heard the mayor say in the audio above, the overall feedback she’s getting from the officers testing them has been positive.

The three companies whose body cameras the city is testing out are Motorola, Utility and Axon.

If the city decides to implement a body camera program for its officers it would also include dash cams for the cruisers.

She expects a decision to be reached by the end of the summer.