Findlay Police Department Warns Of Common Scam

The Findlay Police Department says a familiar scam is popping up again.

The police department says they’ve taken several calls from residents reporting that someone claiming to be with the Findlay Police Department, or other law enforcement agencies, is contacting them.

The would-be scammer tells the resident that they’ve missed jury duty and/or has a warrant and then begins to probe for personal information followed by instructions on how to obtain gift cards to pay the fines.

The police department reminds everyone that this is a common phone scam and that law enforcement agencies will not contact you by phone to make payments.

Any legal matter requiring a fine would be addressed through the mail and should be verified in person, or by contacting the court listed on the notice by a number that you have verified (not one listed on the notice).

Any request for gift cards should automatically be a red flag and is always a scam.

People are reminded to never provide personal information or financial information to such callers.