Findlay Prepares For The End Of The House Bill 49 Lawsuit

02/20/18 – 9:14 P.M.

The City of Findlay could be seeing the resolution soon of the lawsuit against the state for House Bill 49. City Law Director Don Rasmussen explained that the arguments are over.

Don Rasmussen

Rasmussen added that the bill allows the state to collect taxes through an online gateway and give it back to a municipality. They get to keep a portion of that money though. The lawsuit is supported by several municipalities across the state to try and stop this.

Findlay City Council passed an ordinance in casethe judgerules in favor of the state. Rasmussen said that if that happens then the city’s tax ordinance from the beginning of the year until now would not have been in line with House Bill 49. This makes sure that the city can collect taxes if it fails.

Don Rasmussen

Rasmussen said that they wanted the city be covered just in case things don’t go as planned. If the municipalities win the lawauit then this tax ordinance will go back to being nothing since the current ordinance will be in compliance.