Findlay Project On ODOT List Of Major New Projects

The Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) of the Ohio Department of Transportation has approved the annual draft list of projects to receive funding over the next four years.

TRAC will vote on the final list at their March 29 meeting.

On the list is the project to redo the Interstate 75/County Road 99 interchange on the north end of Findlay into a diverging diamond interchange.

Transportation officials say a DDI shifts the eastbound and westbound traffic to the other side of the bridge at signalized crossovers which eliminates left turns across traffic and the traffic signals for left turns. (design below)

The benefit is that all traffic can enter the interstate in a free flow movement to the ramps which reduces the long start and stop times of trucks at signals.

A successful example of a DDI is located in Perrysburg at I-475 and State Route 25.

ODOT says the improvements will combat congestion at the important economic hub while reducing the risk of crashes and making travel in the area easier and safer.

“A DDI will ensure the sustainability of the economic opportunities in this corridor,” said Hancock County Engineer Doug Cade.

“With increased commuter and truck traffic comes the need to take steps to improve the efficient movement of our labor force and goods to and from this area so that we can continue to see prosperity and be ready for future opportunities,” he added.

The project will also include upgrading intersections along County Road 99 between North Main Street and Technology Drive.

A separate multi-use bridge for pedestrians and bikes that would connect Miracle Park with future development on the west side of I-75 was also considered but will not move forward at this time.

Detailed design and right-of-way acquisition for the project is slated to begin in October of 2023.