Findlay School Raising Money For Land Lab Innovation Center

Chamberlin Hill Elementary School in Findlay is fundraising to update its Land Lab outdoor space or possibly build a new indoor lab for year-round learning.

STEAM educator Tonya Thorbahn (below) says the goal of the Land Lab Innovation Center project is to bring learning into the hands and minds of the students in a manner that challenges all levels of learning.

She says the ability to utilize a space, such as the Land Lab Innovation Center, will allow teachers to dramatically elevate the learning experience of all students.



As Tonya mentioned in the audio above, the students have been involved in every step of the process and have done presentations and videos on why updating the space would be beneficial to their learning.

She says they’re in the early stages of fundraising and Casey’s recently donated $25,000 for the project.

Chamberlin Hill Elementary School is located at 600 West Yates Avenue in Findlay.