Findlay Woman Thanks Organization For Helping Her Turn Her Life Around

A Findlay woman is turning her life around with the help of a new organization in Hancock County.

In fact, Megan says she wouldn’t even have a life to turn around if it wasn’t for Welcome To A New Life.

“I wouldn’t be alive…they saved my life.”

Welcome To A New Life goes into the Hancock County Jail and meets with inmates and offers them help in living a crime-free, drug-free life.

Megan says she got addicted to painkillers after having surgery, and then starting using street drugs.

Along the way she lost custody of her daughter and was facing some serious charges.

Megan says coming out of jail and rehab she had no hope of getting her life back together again, but that’s exactly what Welcome To A New Life gave her…hope.

She says they paired her with a mentor and helped her get a job and find a place to live.

Now, Megan says she’s coming up on two years clean, her daughter is back in her life, and she wants to give back to help people who are where she once was.

“If I can become part of this program and help people that’s all that I want, I want just one person to hear my story and think well, I can do that too.”

The group’s founders Puck Rowe and Stan Kujawa (pictured above) couldn’t be more proud of how far Megan has come.

They say they’re still looking for more mentors to work with people in the program.

Learn more about the program and how you can help out here.